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An interactive game for kindergarten students based on the Virginia Standards of Learning

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Page Updated: December 16, 2000


Web Site Developed by Karen Work Richardson, 8th grade computer skills teacher at Saint Clare Walker Middle School. (Don't be fooled: I have a Master's Degree in English with a concentration in Rhetoric and Composition. I'm really an Engish teacher in disguise. This just proves that English majors really can do anything!)

I do a lot of computer training locally for my own and other school districts through Rappahannock Community College and nationally for Classroom Connect.

My resume is on-line.

I wrote an article for the on-line technology journal From Now On that describes some of my early attempts at integrating computers into the classroom.


Web Pages

 As part of my workshops, I have put several pages on-line:



I Love Spreadsheets!

  Introduction to Excel: PowerPoint Presentation

Excel Lesson Plan Ideas

Fast Food Fun: Incorporates math skills and nutrition information

Graphing M&Ms: Incorporates math and English skills

 Excel Tools

Making A Word Find
(It's easier to use Puzzlemaker, but this helps kids learn to manipulate the columns and rows and format and lock cells.)

Making An Interactive Quiz
(This link takes you off-site to the Radford City Schools. They demonstrated their quiz at the 2000 VSTE Conference. They have lots of other great ideas for using your Office software more creatively.)

Spreadsheet and Social Studies: A Match Made in Heaven
Using Spreadsheets in the Classroom


Desktop Presentations

Using the Desktop Presentations

 Developing School Web Sites

View the web page

Shocked Version
(1.7 MB: access on web)

 Developing Effective Teacher Training

Shocked Version

(1.5 MB: access on web)

 Techno-Ethics: Copyright, Plagiarism, and Attribution

View the web page

Hyperstudio Presentation
(A series of stacks ranging from 56 K to 2 MB; access on the web)
 Power Point Presentation
View On Line

 Everything Web: A Guide for Teachers

View the handout

PowerPoint Presentation

Saving Materials From the Web

PowerPoint Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Disclaimer: This presentation will work best on a PC using IE 5 OR Communicator.

 PowerPoint for Educators

This slide show includes animations so download time for each slide may take longer. Because of the required animations, this show will only work effectively on a PC using IE 5. Please email me if you wish to have the original presenation.

PowerPoint Presentation

Disclaimer: This presentation will work best on a PC using IE 5.

The School Board President Called: Can You Justify Technology Next Tuesday

PowerPoint Presentation

View the handout

This slide show is designed to review the major research in the field of educational technology. It includes a discussion of how to do research, the problems associated with research, and how a district can conduct its own research.



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