Techno-Ethics: Staying Legal On-Line

Compiled by Karen Work Richardson

These bookmarks accompany a presentation first given at a Classroom Connect conference, Baltimore, MD, April 14-17, 1999. Updated May 2000.


The Copyright Web Site:
Guidelines for Fair Use in Multimedia Projects
District Copyright Web Publishing Rules from the Bellingham WA Schools
SUL: Copyright & Fair Use from Standford University
Terry Carroll - Copyright FAQ and Copyright Resource Page
Practice Exercises in Paraphrasing from Purdue University On-Line Writing Lab
This Week's Top News For eSchools
US Code, Article 17, Section 107, Copyright
Legal Information Institute
The Journal of Online Law
Responsible Netizen
Guide to Copyright from Public Broadcasting
Disney Copyright Information
University of Texas Fair Use Rules of Thumb
Another View of Copyright
Consortium for Educational Technology in University Systems
View the Hyperstudio presentation that accompanies this workshop. You'll need the free Hyperstudio plug in.

NEW! NEW! NEW! The Power Point Version! Updated May 2000.

School districts may use either of these presentations for staff development. I would like to hear from you if you do:

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