Internet for Educators

Six-Hour Workshop presented by Karen Work Richardson for the Center for Business and Workforce Development at Rappahannock Community College, Glenns, Virginia


Use the links below to visit some of the sites mentioned in class and used to develop the workshop.

Starting Points for Educators:

Lesson Plan Web Site: Start here and you never know where you will end up!

Visit ERIC for lesson plans and education articles

The Smithsonian

The National Gallery of Art


Netfiles: Tutorials and integration ideas

Tutorial from WNET

Tutorial from Life on the Internet, a PBS series

Newbie University: a "newbie" is someone who is new to the net

A Guide to Various Tutorials and Guides

Internet Tutorial from University of California at Berkeley:

Travel to lovely Berkeley, California, home of the University of California at Berkeley, famous for its part in the Vietnam War protests. Now, it is leading the way in the information age with a terrific, unparalleled website devoted to information about using the Internet and finding information. It is designed to accompany a workshop offered at the university, but it includes copies of the instructor's notes and PowerPoint slides as well as all the handouts. Spend time exploring the site The links below are particularly helpful:

UCB: Finding Information on the Internet

UCB: Search Strategies for the Internet

UCB: How to Choose the Search Tool or Database for Your Search

UCB: Detailed Tips and Techniques for use with Altavista

UCB: Advanced Internet Techniques

Other Search Links Including Engines

Search Tool Comparison Chart from Kansas City Public Library

InFo People's Best Search Tools Page

Yahoo Directory and Search Engine


Dogpile (a mega-search engine)


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