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Developing School Web Sites

This bookmark list was created by Karen Work Richardson to accompany her workshop of the same title, which was originally presented October 15 and 16, 1997, at the Classroom Connect conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  This workshop was held in conjuntion with the Consortium for Interactive Instruction and WHRO, Hampton Roads' Public Broadcasting Station. This web page was updated April 8, 1999.

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Web Design Tips, Techniques, and Tools

Fifteen Design Mistakes
Practical advice to make your web site planning easier.
Yale Style Manual
Straight from New Haven, more than you ever wanted to know about web page style including how creating an orderly intranet can increase worker productivity. They have four approaches to organizing your web site.
Yahoo's List of HTML Editors
Choose your operating system!
The web site of the Internet world that is constantly pushing the limits of both web page and print design.  I think it can be overbearing and difficult to read, but their html tutorial is a good spot to stop for html tags and lots of other development information.
Neat Background Chooser
Be careful with your backgrounds. They are meant to be IN THE BACKGROUND! If they're too fussy or wild, no one will be able to read your page, and that is the whole point, isn't it?
NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML Home Page
A Guide to Creating a Successful Web Site
Yahoo's List of HTML Guides and Tutorials
HTML quick reference
HTML Tutorial with Guided Hypertext
Introduction to HTML - Table of Contents
HTML Crash Course for Educators
The Art of Frames

Javascript Sites

Java Boutique, The Ultimate Java Applet Resource
Banner Applet
WebDeveloper.com ® Pre-loading Images and Creating MouseOver Effects
Java Technology Home Page
The JavaScript Source - "Cut & Paste" JavaScrip
The Museum Of Counter Art: Web Counter Information
Webmonkey: javascript: Thau's JavaScript Tutorial

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