Making a Word Find With Microsoft Excel




Choose a topic for your word find from a subject we have studied so far this year.  Possible topics include Hardware (input devices, output devices, storage devices, etc.), Software, the Internet, or Word Processing. List ten words or phrases related to that topic.


Creating the Word Find:


1.      Open a new spreadsheet.


2.      Highlight cells A1 to T20.  (You can drag OR type the range in the name box like this:  A1:T20).


3.      With the cells selected, choose Column Width from the Format menu and change the width to 2.  This will make the columns skinnier.


4.      With the cells still selected, choose Cells from the Format menu.  Click on the border tab and choose Outline.  This will put a black outline around your word find and make it easier to enter words and letters.


5.      Add a header to your word find that includes your name in the left section, a title in the center section, and a name line in the right section.  You may format your header however you like.


6.      In cell V1, type “Word List.”  Then type the words for your word find in the cells of column V.


7.      Now, you’re ready to enter your words.  Put one letter in each cell.  Your words may go vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.


8.      Once the words are entered, put extra letters in the other cells.  BE CAREFUL NOT TO TYPE OVER THE WORDS YOU HAVE ENTERED!!!


9.      Another option for entering your letters and words might be to enter all the letters first and then type your words over them.  That way you don’t have to worry about accidentally changing one of the letters associated with your words.


10.  To make the letters bigger, select all the cells with data, format the cells, and change the font size to 12.


11.  Save your spreadsheet as Word Find.


12.  Print in Landscape orientation.


Making the Answer Key:


1.      With your Word Find spreadsheet open, save as Answer Key. 


2.      Make sure the Answer Key spreadsheet is open.  In the word find, select each cell that has a letter for one of your words and make it a color by clicking the Font Color button.  Do this for each word you entered.  See me when you finish so I can help you print it in color.



Decorating Your Word Find (Optional):


You can add clip art to your word find as long as it is within the page. 


1.      Use the Zoom control to change the size of your document to 50%.  Now you can see the dotted lines that show the edge of your page.  They are probably near column Z and row 33.


2.      Use the Insert/Picture/Clip Art command to add appropriate clip art.  You can resize and move the clip art into position.



Use the directions to make a word find for another 8th grade teacher on a topic you have studied.