ECI 595-101 Internet Basics for Educators


Instructor: Karen Work Richardson, Spring 1997


Introduction to the Internet

PBS recently sponsored a series called Life on the Internet. The associated web pages offer an excellent introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web.

The World Wide Web

Some Education Starting Points

Search Engines vs. Indexes

E-mail Basics






Access Issues for Educators


Steen, Douglas R., Mark R. Roddy, Derek Sheffield, and Michael

Bryan Strout, (1995) Teaching With the Internet, Bellevue, WA: Resolution Business Press


Read appropriate chapters of text (Chapters 1-10) corresponding to topics above. In addition, read Chapter 13 and Chapters 15 and 16 and write a critique of each. Review and summarize including personal reactions, ideas, and critiques. Grade includes successful completion of e-mailing critiques. Hard copies should also be submitted just in case :-) 5 points each: 10 points total

Select and critique one educational Internet site related to your instructional assignment using evaluation form provided. Present a five-minute oral presentation summarizing your comments. 30 points

Create a "bookmark list" of 5 to 10 sites with appropriate descriptions. Save as html document and display. 20 points

Class Activities and attendance: application of concept, success at navigation and achieving outcome, observation, interaction, discussion and shared responses. Each session will be worth 8 points. 40 points total

Grading Scale:

A 100-94  C+ 83
A- 93-91 C 82-76
B+ 90 C- 75-73
B 89-85 F Below 73
B- 84    

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