Librarians on the Internet

Created as part of a presentation by Karen Work Richardson, February 1997

Last Update: April 9, 1999

The Internet has been compared to a library but certainly the only library it really resembles is the Los Angeles Public Library after the earthquake. Parts of it are damaged and inaccessible, and those parts that are readable are all in a big pile of the floor. Some attempt has been made to organize it, but finding information can still be hit or miss. Yet, librarians are expected to be information retrieval experts.

This index is designed with school librarians in mind and includes everything from copyright information to lesson plan stockpiles to powerful search engines. Take what you can from it: I suggest you pick and choose from my rather exhaustive list to develop your own desk reference of resources that work best for you.

I have created a similar page with administrators in mind that you might find helpful.

Table of Contents:

Searches and Indexes:

Search Engines, Indexes, and Guides



Subject Area Reference and Lesson Plans:

Library in the Sky
An all-purpose site with links for each subject area
Social Studies Lesson Plans and Resources
Yahoo Social Studies Link
Mega Language Arts and Social Studies link from University of Illinois at Springfield
Environmental Education on the Internet
Maintained by the National Consortium for Environmental Education and Training
Internet for Minnesota Schools
NASA K-12 Internet Initiative
Math and Science Curriculum
Lesson Plans from the Explorer database at University of Kansas
Welcome to AskERIC


Real and Virtual Libraries

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
Internet Public Library
InfoBahn Librarian
International Association of School Librarianship
Libweb - Library WWW Servers
School Librarian Web Pages


Required Reading:

FYI, RFC #1578-Schools and Internet
A must-read with plenty of basic information and reference sources but a little outdated (1994)
The (possible) Death of History, The Disneyfication of History: Why Books, Libraries and Librarians Remain Essential
When the Book? When the Net?
Libraries of the Future
Information Fad Bandwagon Internet World Wide Web


Miscellaneous Education Sites:

Apple Library of Tomorrow
Rescol canadien - Canada's SchoolNet
Scholastic Place
National School Network Exchange
Global SchoolNet Foundation Home Page


Dress Code Lesson Plan Sites:

Use these sites to introduce students to the concept of information literacy. Ask the question: what makes a reliable information source both on and off the Internet?

Lebow Bros. Dress Code Page
Why would a clothing company be interested in dress codes?
Skirting the Issue
Obviously biased satire about women's rights to wear pants to work in California written by the president of an employee relations consulting firm
Dress Codes News Article
Detroit news article that describes efforts to ensure success of dress codes
Dress Code sample
Dress codes at the Henley Royal Regatta


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