Following Lewis and Clark: Discovering America 

During the summer of 1998 we travelled from Williamsburg, Virginia, to Seattle, Washington, and back in a 23' Tioga Arrow. We took our black labrador retriever Ivy and met family and friends on the way. Our main purpose was to follow Lewis and Clark, but we had many excursions off the trail. The following digital scrapbooks show some of them. If you are planning your own trip, check out our bookmark list which follows our itinerary.

Digital Scrapbook: Hannibal, Missouri

Digital Scrapbook: Yellowstone National Park

Digital Scrapbook: Custer, South Dakota

Digital Scrapbook: Badlands, South Dakota

Digital Scrapbook: Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and Wounded Knee Massacre Site

Digital Scrapbook: Ivy Pictures

Digital Scrapbook: Missouri Pictures


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