Badlands, South Dakota

The Badlands of South Dakota are located in the southwestern corner of the state near the Black Hills. As you drive across the interstate, the prairie slowly gives way to unusual rock formations worn by rain and wind. The scenic drive through Badlands National Park has many pullouts with signs or just with spectacular views.

These two pictures show how the Badlands were formed. Click to see the full photo with explanation.

The West is full of overlapping stories. We had already visited the Wounded Knee massacre site in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. As we drove through the Badlands, we discovered that Chief Big Foot and his band made their way through the Badlands as they tried to find safety with Red Cloud at the Pine Ridge agency.

Native Americans, by right, are very concerned about the whereabouts of their culturally significant artifacts including bones. (What would you do if someone dug up your grandmother's bones and put them on display in a museum?) This sign was part of the display at the Ben Reifer Visitor Center. You'll learn more about the Ghost Dance if you visit the Pine Ridge Digital Scrapbook.


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