Hi Friends,         10/22/1999

Here is a quick web site to give you access to some of the better pictures from our most recent hike. Most of the pictures are from the 3 day/2 night backpack from Newfound Gap north to Davenport Gap along the Appalachian Trail within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the 2 mile section from Davenport Gap to the Pigeon River. Other pictures are from a one day visit to Cherokee N.C. on the Cherokee Indian reservation and a drive up to Clingman's Dome to see the views that we missed due to rain and fog on the day we hiked there.

The pictures on the pages listed below are 1/4 scale (either 320x240 or 240x320 pixels) to allow more pictures per page. Viewing will be best on a monitor set to display 800x600 resolution or better.

To see the full size pictures (640x480), visit the Graphics Subdirectory, or open each picture in its own browser window. Nothing fancy here, I have only done minimal formatting, and added a few captions and descriptive text. Stop back later for I hope to refine this as time permits. Download times can be significant due to the number of pictures/page and the fact that I have not optimized 1/4 size pictures. Will also add pictures from past years given enough positive feedback.

Bob R.

1999 Appalachian Trail Hike in and Near Great Smoky Mountains National Park

There are a total of 160 pictures in the Graphics subdirectory of this site if you care to click through the list to see ones that you missed.

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